Chickpea Smoothie

   Don and I went grocery shopping early this morning. I had been up for about an hour, had a mug of tea with almond milk, a homemade muffin, and edited a chapter of Cousin Ray’s book. That was not enough breakfast to sustain me through two weeks worth of grocery shopping.

   When we finally returned and unloaded the groceries I was way past starved. I just grabbed the most (&least) likely looking leftovers and threw them in the blender.

   It turned out to be surprisingly tasty as well as very satisfying and nutritious. It actually took me through an hour of weeding flower beds before I needed lunch. So I wrote down the ingredients and will be making it later on this summer with other fruits in season.

Strawberry-Chickpea Smoothie

Strawberry-Chickpea Smoothie

Strawberry-Chickpea Smoothie
6 very large strawberries (about 1/2 cup of fruit)
1/2 cup home-cooked chickpeas/garbanzos
Milk to make up to 2 cups on the blender jar (I use Almond Breeze)
Vanilla extract (about 6 drops)
Coconut or almond extract (about 6 drops)
Sweetener to taste (I use liquid stevia)

Set up your blender.

Wash the strawberries, trim, cut in half, and drop them into your blender jar. Add the chickpeas, almond milk, coconut (or almond) extract, and the amount of sweetener you usually use for 16 ounces of liquid.

Turn on the blender. Give it a couple of minutes.

Get out a glass, turn off the blender and serve it up.




  1. Ricki said

    I love how smoothies are becoming a means to consume so many different types of foods these days! I bet chickpeas would add thickness and a smooth texture along with the extra protein. . . great idea! 🙂

  2. atxglutenfree said

    What a great idea to add chick peas. I will definitely try that sometime. I agree with Ricki, I bet it adds a smooth texture 🙂

  3. gfedge said

    This mix was a surprise – chickpeas not only added nutrients and smooth texture it is amazing how long it kept me feeling full. After spending many hours cleaning flower beds today I had another smoothie about 1:00 – and didn’t even feel very hungry at dinnertime.

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