About Rita

I was not aware of my detrimental relationship with gluten until a food allergy test in April 2007. I had grown increasingly ill and gained weight very rapidly in my upper body, very unusual for me. I would look in the mirror and not recognize my body. I knew I needed a new perspective to find the cause and over the years allopathic doctors had not given me answers, just medications to reduce various symptoms and issues. I researched and found “functional medicine” which has a basis in digestive health first and foremost. I located a nearby physician and went through several tests. I came away with data that showed my state of health in shambles: gluten food allergy, severe candida, high inflammation/bad intestinal flora and low nutritional status. I was also given treatment to quickly remedy a severe bladder infection and H. Pylori (ulcer-causing bacteria) with antibiotics.

One thing I came to realize was my emotional connection to gluten. Foods with gluten taste so good. For example, I had a habit of eating multiple slices of bread when stressed from work when younger. Over time this evolved into a carbohydrate addiction to processed foods containing wheat, and of course, sugar. It took me a year to actually go totally gluten free and that was at the same time I finally found a treatment for candida. But when I started feeling stress or other uncomfortable feelings afterwards, I didn’t have a replacement for my “comfort” food. It was strange to identify this previously unknown condition about myself. I still use sugar (mostly candy) as a crutch to this day and occasionally I slip and eat something knowingly with gluten. But for 99% of the time, I avoid gluten.

Curing the candida actually made me feel and look much better. The unusual upper body weight gain miraculously disappeared.  Now, when I gain weight, it is the usual pattern, much to my chagrin. However, I have uncovered another cause of ongoing fatigue and working with a local chiropractor to heal my adrenals with whole food nutritional supplements. I found that not only was I masking stress and uncomfortable feelings, but also anxiety. I am now working on eliminating sugar, in part to reduce being prone to anxiety, and have researched various things to help me. So, I am working on the mental/emotional aspect of making change. I see the interrelatedness to my situation, both physical and emotional health, and the consistent self-care I need to do. I still have the goal of optimal health, but it has slowly evolved into a broader vision. You have to work to get to your own truth considering genetics, environment, habits, impact of years of ignorance and misinformation and take it a step at a time. For me, finding out that I had a food allergy to gluten, and now honoring that daily, has made all the difference.

Rita 🙂



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