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As a certifiable geek retired from a career of data analysis for large computer installations my head still spins in analysis mode. Where most cooks create recipes that begin and end with flavor and appearance my creations are more like science experiments revolving around nutritional elements. Yes, there are spreadsheets. The element of appeal is always in there somewhere depending greatly on family and friends with daring, truthfulness, and good taste.

Update – May 2010
Hindsight put the pieces of the puzzle together. Looking back it is clear that gluten was a lifelong factor in digestive/absorption issues. No wonder travel and eating out were mostly unpleasant experiences.

I recognized as early as high school that any product based on wheat caused pain. So I mostly didn’t eat those things except when it was really tempting (pizza, sourdough bread) enough that I was resigned to deal with the inevitable results. Traveling, working, business meetings and socializing were all stressful. I remember going out to lunch once with a group of colleagues assuming that I could just get a salad at the sandwich shop they had selected. Wrong, lunch for me that day was a large pickle and a glass of tea!

About 3-4 years ago gluten showed up on my radar. I began to read Shauna’s Gluten-Free Girl blog. One day she published a picture of her red, swollen face during a gluten episode. It was like looking in a mirror. That was when I knew – and it still chokes me up to think about that moment.

Since learning that celiac is an auto-immune disease, just how damaging it is, and how deeply buried wheat/gluten is in our everyday food options Rita and I have tried to share recipes, products, food issues, and health related information in general. We named our blog The Gluten-Free Edge because living gluten-free is living on the edge of a precipice – you never know when you will stumble unaware into a stray bit of gluten and go over the edge into pain and bloating. And, BTW, all three of my children have digestive issues – it can be inherited.

Georgetown has a wonderful organization known as The Caring Place. I volunteer in the food pantry filling food orders for qualified clients. Recently initiated is a project to provide specialty items, such as sugar-free, low-sodium, nutritional supplements, baby formula, etc. for those who need them. The items are often in stock but information specifying what the client needs has sometimes been erratic. A new form now specifies that need and other items, such as gluten-free are being added!

I commend and encourage anyone who is on this journey and trying to help others. Seldom has a week gone by without a new bit of information that is shared out there in internet space. New resources are out there waiting to be discovered. For example Flavia is selling her gluten-free baked goods at our local Georgetown farmers markets. And Jessica, thank you for collecting and posting Austin and Central Texas resources. I can go into Austin now without bringing my own food every time.

When we travel I start out with homemade baked goods. For backup I bring products from Mary’s Gone Crackers, Enjoy Life, Glutino (especially the sesame-seeded pretzel rings!) and always, Larabars.


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  1. Ricki said

    Hi Mom and Rita,
    Thank you so much for your very kind and heartwarming comment on my blog! I am so glad you left it, as it has led me to yours as well. 🙂

    Your recipes look amazing (I’ve wondered about those Cinnamon Toasties–thanks for letting me know how they turned out! And veggies with pb? Could there BE anything better??). I’m looking forward to browsing through your archives and finding more yummy things I can make. Thanks!


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