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Gluten-free in Austin, TX Blog

   There is a new blog in Austin scouting out and posting about gluten-free sources! That would be grocery, bakery, deli, restaurants, pubs, etc. I have added ATX Gluten-Free to our blog roll. Can you tell I am excited? The Austin and Central Texas area is really getting on board much like they have strongly supported the vegan needs for many years. Don and I already planned to go to Whole Foods at The Arboretum because I need more of my homeopathic allergy medication. Now there are a couple of new products to try.
   Annnd, Jason’s Deli at The Arboretum is testing customer response to gluten-free sandwiches! I don’t even remember the last time I ate a sandwich at a restaurant. Not only do they post nutrition information but they have a separate listing for common allergens including gluten. Gluten-free shopping and lunch!



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Faith’s Place Bakery in Round Rock, Texas

   My friend Ann saved a section of the Round Rock newspaper for me that had a feature article about a new local bakery specializing in gluten-free products. It was a very nice write-up about Sarah Cox who started baking gluten-free for herself and her daughter Faith and has since expanded her efforts to the benefit of the local community.
   The picture of the bread on the website for Faith’s Place Bakery was so reminiscent of my paternal grandmother’s awesome homemade bread that I just had to try some. When I finally had a loaf of this beautiful and fragrant sliced bread in my hands I just admired it and smelled it for a while. My own gluten-free bread efforts, while adequate, have never transported me back to ‘bread land’ like this.
   The crust on this bread is just like the website pictures and the texture is exactly what you want from a good homemade loaf. I reserved some of the slices in the freezer for one of Don’s specialties, poached eggs on toast. The rest I rather shamelessly ate one slice at a time while marveling over the fragrance, flavor, and texture.
   There are other goodies on the menu. There is even gluten-free catering service available if you, your family, or friends are in need of excellent quality gluten-free options. The bakery location is easy to find from the RR 620 exit and east from I-35 in central Round Rock. There is a map on the website for easy directions.


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