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Gluten-Free on American Airlines

    Call us crazy but in an effort to alleviate my allergies Don and I decided to rip out every scrap of carpet from our house and install ceramic tile. We wanted to be there while it was happening but we didn’t want to be there. We had almost scratched the project when the perfect compromise was made. Leave the country for three weeks, hand the house keys over, and have the tile done while you are gone. Aside from really trusting these folks the big kicker was that everything in the house had to be packed just like we were moving. We packed the house in six weeks and stuff-for-vacation in one week.
   Thanks to the generosity of Rita’s brother Jorge (whom we refer to as #1 Son) we were flying American Airlines First Class. We were able to pre-order gluten-free meals for each leg of our travel. They do need advance notice so as to have appropriate food items on board and Don took care of that detail.
   By the time we met up with Jorge and Rick at Dallas/Fort Worth airport we were all tired and approaching the end of a long day. The guys had traveled from California and the four of us boarded our flight to Paris. I don’t have much in the way of notes for the flight over except that there was tasty gluten-free food and I was tired, hungry and very grateful.
   Our return flight departed Paris at 10:00 am their local time. Once on board we were offered a choice of beverage and settled in for our nine hour flight which included a 7-hour time differential. There were cheese or nut nibbles after we took off and I chose the nuts. Menus were passed out for the other passengers but when you order a special meal it is the only one on board that is tailored to your needs.
   During the dinner service I recognized the clear sweet voice from the pre-flight announcements delivered in three languages. Isabelle Gomes, Purser, with twenty years of experience was serving my gluten-free meal! As we chatted I learned that she was gaining knowledge of the many gluten issues from her friend, our cook for the flight, Denise Roberts. Denise’s daughter has just started her journey into the gluten-free challenge and Isabelle had a number of questions while she served up my delicious meal.
   One of the issues that Isabelle mentioned was the lack of sandwiches. Voila! In the Gluten-Free Edge mailbox this very morning was a post from Gluten-Free Steve -> here  regarding Jason’s Deli and their offering of Udi’s gluten free bread on their sandwiches. I just had to leave Steve a comment since Rita and I indulged in sandwiches for lunch there yesterday – yum! It is slowly getting better out there as people share information and reach out to help those new to this journey.
   I arrived home jet-lagged but very well fed. Thank you Isabelle, Denise, and American Airlines!

Gretchen (Mom) and Rita

I Love These New Floors!

I Love These New Floors!


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