SO Cultured Coconut Milk

    Rita first became interested in the probiotic qualities of fermented foods during her studies in Virginia. And when Chef Alain Braux, Austin-based nutritherapist, spoke about how fermented foods can promote intestinal healing in people with damage from gluten intolerance I determined it was time to give them a try. For the past two months I have used some of the recommended products.

    We were on my first shopping trip to Natural Grocers when Rita introduced me to this tangy, creamy SO Cultured Coconut Milk product (also known as SO Coconut Milk Kefir). And how strong could it be after appreciating the very strong taste of fermented daikon radishes? So I came home with a bottle.

SO Cultured Coconut Milk Beverage

SO Cultured Coconut Milk Beverage

    Several bottles later, it reminds me of the cultured buttermilk that I used to mix with pineapple juice and no-cal sweetener to create a beverage that tastes like pineapple sherbet. And I plan to try that mixture again especially after discovering that this beverage is so very thick. In the meantime I mix it half & half with water, add a few drops of stevia and enjoy a tangy, refreshing drink that feels really good in the tummy. I am definitely hooked on this.

    Right now it makes a nice bedtime treat but come summertime I am already thinking of tall, frosty, fruity drinks.

Gretchen (Mom)



  1. Beverly said

    I love So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk. But I never would have thought of thinning it out with water or juice. What a great idea! I’ve noticed since I started drinking this that my digestion is much better overall, and if I feel like I’m starting to come down with something, I drink it more, and I am able to fight off whatever bug has come my way. There really is something to be said for those probiotics, and I’m thrilled that I’ve discovered such a tasty way to get them! I can’t wait to try your pineapple juice idea!

  2. gfedge said

    Glad you like the concept – I started with the juice-buttermilk combo when I was in high school trying to stay in shape for ballet. We need all the good nutrition we can get!

  3. michele said

    ok, so this stuff is SUPPOSED TO taste like spoiled milk? or did i get a bad bottle of it? it definitely did not taste like what i was expecting it to taste like and i’m not sure if i like it. i guess it tastes like plain yogurt, but a little thinner. i also guess that’s from the cultured part of it. the first sip scared the crap out of me because it seriously tasted like spoiled milk and i was NOT ready for that flavor in my mouth. i’m not sure if i can choke any more of it down. =(

    • gfedge said

      Sorry you didn’t like it – it is a fermented or ‘cultured’ food and some people just don’t have the taste buds for those kinds food. That would include yogurt so your comparison is spot on. Sour cream, cottage cheese, some varieties of pickles and sauerkraut are other examples. I love the tangy part but I dilute it with juice because it is too thick for me to swallow alone as a beverage.

  4. Angela Medina said

    You might’ve gotten a bad batch or else this product is just sucky. I’m a veteran kefir and fermented beverages drinker and I periodically switch up products to keep healthy (variety really does work!). I was appalled at this products taste, and I’ve tried some bad ones! This joins the ranks of being one of a handful of products I couldnt bring myself to swallow. I had the Chocolate flavored one. It’s too bad. I wanted to love this product but I really don’t.

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