A Really Edgy Day

    Today was our scheduled bi-weekly grocery shopping excursion. It was almost an ordinary trip with a few extra items added in anticipation of our family Thanksgiving gathering which we are hosting.
    Earlier this summer as I was reading labels in the pantry I noticed something that I had previously managed to overlook. The red-and-white can of tomato soup listed wheat flour as an ingredient. The room tilted slightly as I went light-headed for a moment.
    This tomato soup is a key ingredient in a New Year’s traditional dish that Don and I have jointly prepared in the 33-going-on-34 years that we have been together. He chops the onions, adds rice and ground meat, mixes and seasons the mixture, steams the cabbage leaves removing them carefully to avoid tearing, and delivers them to the cutting board. There I carefully shave the thick ribs so they don’t break when rolled and I stuff and wrap the rolls. They go ever so carefully into a large oven-proof casserole dish where they are covered with several cans of tomato soup plus a can or so of water. And it cooks in the oven for 1.5 to 2 hours until it is tender and fragrant.
    It is so tasty that we often decide to have a couple of ‘test runs’ before the New Year and a couple of ‘quality assurance’ batches during February and March.
    Since that inadvertent label discovery incident I have done my very best imitation of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand. But today there were fresh cabbages, now in season, in the produce section and Don said ‘how about stuffed cabbage’? Again I went light-headed and carefully studied the avocado selection while trying to regain some composure.
    Evidently I wasn’t very composed because his reaction was ‘you mean we can’t ever have stuffed cabbage again’?!! Not fair! Headache and navy blue mood were followed by several hours of funky miserable depression.
    We worked through our pizza issues so surely there is a solution to the tomato soup. My great misgiving stems from the fact that we have occasionally tried store brands of tomato soup and it just never worked. Somehow I have to figure out the flavor mystique of this particular soup.

Gretchen (Mom)



  1. Dru said

    Gretchen, try Tasty Classics condensed tomato soup. HEB is now selling this as a store brand. It’s made by a Canadian company which does some gluten free products.

  2. gfedge said

    Thank you! I will be sure to pick up a few cans. I appreciate the information. We were going to try plain tomato sauce but this sounds better 😉

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