Gluten-Free at Carrabba’s in San Antonio

    Don and I were in San Antonio last weekend to attend the graduation of granddaughter Alisha from basic training at Lackland Air Force Base. We decided to arrive the night before because the ceremony was early on a Friday, long drive from Georgetown, rush hour traffic, unfamiliar with the area, etc, etc.
    I had been thinking recently about Mama Mandola’s Chicken Soup and happily Carrabba’s Italian Grill  was not that far on I-10 west at the De Zavala Exit. We were hungry and arrived in time to be the first ones in the door for dinner.
    The gluten-free menu is presented separately from the regular menu; it is nicely bound and is not a sheet of computer printout from the website! 🙂
    We both ordered the chicken soup. Don had his with the pasta added and I had mine gluten-free. This is a soup with rich broth and big chunks of chicken and vegetables so there is no way I could feel deprived. For my entree I had one of my favorite salads topped with grilled chicken and Don ordered his usual pasta. Oh, and he also had the bread hot out of the oven.
    Carrabba’s has a garlic-herb mixture with olive oil that turns ordinary bread into magic-for-your-taste-buds. There was a time when l would occasionally ‘treat’ myself to a small piece of bread dredged in that magic knowing full well there was a price to pay – but no more. However I was definitely wishing that I had tucked a slice of Udi’s into my purse before leaving the house that morning.
    We chatted a bit with the manager (whose name I neglected to write down) and I told him of my regret that I had not brought some of Udi’s bread. He was very sympathetic and said that until Carrabba’s has bread that I should feel free to bring my own.
    He also mentioned that currently in development is a gluten-free grill baste to replace their current grill baste which must be omitted when preparing a gluten-free meal. I had always assumed that this was simply a cosmetic touch but was informed that it is to impart their distinctive blend of seasoning.
    So I am very happy and even more impressed with the consideration of Carrabba’s management for the needs of their customers!

Separate GF menu! Appetizers! Entrees! Salads! Soups! Dessert!
GF grill baste in development!
San Antonio
(210) 694-4191
12507 I-10 West
San Antonio, TX 78230
Find your nearest Carrabba’s here -> Locations

Gretchen (Mom)


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