S’moreables Graham Style Crackers

    Clara and I often trade food like a couple of grade school kids at lunch. Today I brought her an oat-based brownie that I had baked from a recipe in the cookbook she loaned me. Clara brought me a sample of Kinnikinnick brand S’moreables Graham Style Crackers that she discovered at our local HEB grocery store. Clara likes her graham crackers with a cup of tea. Tea is good but when I got home with these treats I grabbed for the peanut butter. S’mores will have to wait although not for long. The bi-weekly grocery shopping trip is this weekend.

    Aside from that oat-based brownie experiment I have stayed with several of my favorite recipes the last few weeks. Ricki’s savory chickpea-artichoke salad has been a standby for lunches (it is just as good cold as it is warm). Breakfast often features chia seed pudding with fruit or a flax-meal-nut-meal biscuit (oops, that should be my next post; I’ve made it about six times recently). The local food pantry reorganization has been occupying most of my thoughts and so my time spent in the kitchen has been just enough to keep me adequately supplied with gluten-free necessities.

    The storms swirling through Central Texas left a wide path of destruction, most of it from flooding caused by 14 inches of rain falling in a very short period of time. Tuesday afternoon when it started there were snails crawling all up the sides of our house and on the window screens. Critters on the move definitely give you a weird feeling of impending disaster. Homes that were hip deep in water at 2:00 AM were clear of flood water by daylight. And that is when the massive cleanup began. Our house is far enough from the creeks that we did not flood so we were fortunate and grateful.

Gretchen (Mom)


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