Walmart Remodel and Gluten-Free Section!

    Our grocery shopping list is a computerized printout of grocery items that we customarily purchase arranged by store isle and product. On the day before our every-other-week shopping expedition Don places a copy of the listing on the kitchen counter. There will be items that he has already marked that he, as chief cook, has noted that we need. I am required to add the items from my kitchen notes and we shop from this consolidated list.

    When Walmart started the remodel several shopping trips ago Don noted with satisfaction that they were leaving the grocery section alone – it’s perfect, it matches our list, so of course it doesn’t need to change. I kept telling him they would get to it. So theoretically I could have said ‘I told you so’ but that would have only caused him more stress. So I settled for ‘you’ve been in denial!’ which is marginally less obnoxious.

    The bad news is we have to completely change the list. The good news is that there is now a GLUTEN-FREE SECTION! And they have TINKYADA pastas and BOB’s RED MILL products. That was all I could check out since Husband was pushing the cart so fast the wheels were almost smoking. He tends to do that when he is irritated; usually with me for tossing items in the basket that are ‘NOT on the list.’ You may have gathered the impression that our marriage resembles an ongoing stand-up comedy routine and that would be fairly accurate.

    We are taking our comedy routine on vacation so it will be a couple of weeks before I can get back over to the store and really scope out that new gluten-free section. We are taking the notebook PC and we will have internet access along the way. So I will have time to write about new products and recipes that I have been neglecting.

Mom (Gretchen)


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