Creamsicle Milk on Memorial Day

    It was hot, it was humid and we spent half of Memorial Day doing the parking for the local Georgetown Memorial Day ceremony.

    Twenty volunteers met Sunday afternoon to go over the plan. Don and several others put out the signs, traffic cones, and yellow ‘caution’ tape late that evening. I am usually non-functional in the morning so I had my clothes, hat, badge, shoes, and socks lined up and breakfast staged on the counter plus a Chocolate Mystery Muffin from Ricki Heller’s Sweet Freedom recipes ready for a mid-morning snack.

    We had to meet at the parking lot by 7:30 on Memorial Day morning. There were the usual complement of stand-by emergency vehicles, cars, golf carts, bicycles, and people arriving from all directions. Several of us had radios for communication. When 1200 people all try to arrive at the same time it gets hectic, traffic backs up a bit, and people get really creative with the parking. At my end of the lot there were two spaces containing five (5) vehicles, 3 golf carts, a Smart Car, and a motor scooter.

Five Vehicles in Two Spaces

Five Vehicles in Two Spaces

    By the time 500 vehicles had been crammed into 300 spaces then funneled out again and the music and speeches were over we headed home, closed the garage, and did not venture out for the rest of the day. For refreshment I literally created this flavored milk drink on my run through the kitchen on the way to the bedroom to change into comfortable clothes.

Creamsicle Milk
8-10 ounces of milk in a glass (Almond Breeze)
9 drops liquid stevia (from Sprouts)
4 drops pure orange extract

Pour. Add sweetener and flavoring. Stir. Sip slowly and gratefully.

Mom (Gretchen)


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