Promise Pizza in Round Rock

   Several weeks ago Clara and her family were in Round Rock and decided to try Promise Pizza.  A new restaurant featuring gluten-free options is always exciting for us.

   A not-very-happy Clara reported back and brought me a menu. After reviewing the options and calculating the cost of a simple pizza dinner for three they chose to eat at another restaurant.

   It seems that there is a $4.50 up-charge just for the gluten-free crust. We are pretty much accustomed to $2.00 or even $2.50 additional for gluten-free but $4.50 seemed excessive. The gluten-free pizza only comes in a 10” medium. So this hungry family of three would have had to order two pizzas. For crust, sauce and basic cheese without additional toppings or beverages they were looking at $22.00 plus tax.

   When one or two people order a medium pizza it probably works out OK price-wise. But for three people or anyone on a tight budget this is not a practical choice. A lunch special (with a personal size pizza) would not be a gluten-free possibility.

Progress comes slowly.

Mom (Gretchen)


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