House Foods Tofu Shirataki

    Browsing at the Sprouts Gluten-Free Jubilee there was a package of these noodles, House Foods Tofu Shirataki,  in the refrigerated, non-dairy case with the soy and almond products. Sometimes you read about a new product on the internet but it never makes it to a store near you; and you don’t want to spend > $10 just to see if you might like it. This would be in the interesting-but-not-essential category. But here they were and on sale at 8 ounces for $1.11. So in spite of the reviews I had read about the ‘fishy odor’ I dropped a package of them into my shopping cart.

House Foods Tofu Shirataki

House Foods Tofu Shirataki

    Preparation directions specified to drain and rinse the noodles. They did smell a bit like a fish tank but a very clean well-kept fish tank. Then par-boil the noodles, drain them again and then dry them before use to eliminate any trace of odor. I then treated the noodles like any other product that I use with Don’s excellent pasta sauce. I love the classic garlic-butter-Parmesan combo, heavy on the garlic so that is what I did to the noodles before covering them with sauce. These do not have the flat, gummy bite of regular noodles. Did you ever hang around in the kitchen while your mother peeled potatoes – begging for a piece of raw potato? These noodles are quite firm and require definite chewing kind of like a very thin sliver of that raw potato or maybe apple. It might bring back an entirely different memory for you. Or maybe you have never experienced this texture before. Whatever you decide about the texture, the sauce and seasonings cling to the noodles without sliding away so each bite had all of the combined flavors and it was actually quite good.
    Additionally this product is endorsed by the food blogger Hungry Girl who has made a career out of reporting really-tasty, very-low-calorie, satisfying food to maximize the pleasure of eating. Her philosophy is that if you are smart about it you can eat a lot without gaining weight or sacrificing your appearance and/or health.
    These fetticcine shaped noodles, made from tofu and yam flour, are a relatively healthy choice. I might buy them again but then maybe not. I have years of loving this sauce on top of all kinds of squash, summer or winter varieties, French-cut green beans, or even a stack of yummy sautéed mushrooms; veggies rock my world.
    But you may want to give them a try – you never know when you might find your next most-favorite thing!




  1. Yeah, I agree, I’m kind of ambivalent about these noodles. I’d rather go with a nutrient dense whole grain noodle any day!

    • gfedge said

      I really prefer veggies as a base. I had to eat that way for so long my taste buds like it better. BTW, I love you breakfast cookie recipes – hope to try it out soon!

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