Jason’s Deli in Austin, TX

   I cannot even remember the last time I ordered a sandwich at a restaurant. Sandwiches always made me feel ill-at-ease and wishing I had chosen something else. Number 1 Son (our private little joke) Jorge and I used to eat at a Jason’s Deli in Arlington, Texas when I was consulting at some company or other in that area. My go-to selection was always The Plain Jane baked potato with all of the condiments on the side and that was a good, solid meal.
   When the pressing need for more allergy medication and the news that Jason’s Deli at the Arboretum in Austin (mere blocks away from Whole Foods which carries said medication) has gluten-free bread it was fate. Of course we had lunch there yesterday!
   When I started to order a Turkey Reuben a very knowledgeable staff person explained to me the possibility of cross-contamination because of the conveyer belt in their special oven where those sandwiches are prepared. Don’t you just LOVE it when people know what they are talking about?
   So I ordered the Mediterranean Wrap on the gluten-free bread with a side of fresh fruit. I never could sing and I haven’t danced in years but about two bites into that sandwich I felt like doing both. Copied from the menu (I brought one home with me): 98% fat free oven roasted turkey breast, roasted red pepper hummus, cucumbers, purple onions, kalamata olives, roma tomatoes and organic field greens with the gluten-free bread instead of the organic wheat wrap.
   All that remained on my plate after lunch was two toothpicks and the caps from the three wonderful strawberries that accompanied the three large chunks of perfect cantaloupe. Oh, and Don wiped a bit of hummus off my face when we were walking back to the car . . .
   To the management of Jason’s Deli – thank you and keep it up!!!! I only get into Austin occasionally but you can bet I will return for lunch at Jason’s. Oh, and wouldn’t you like to build a deli in Georgetown? Or even Round Rock? Please?


Update 4/29/2010 – This email received from Clara and Jenna, another gluten-free Mother-Daughter duo:
    What a wonderful meal we had at Jason’s this evening!  Jenna had her old fave, the Club Royale, prepared w/the wonderful g-f bread.  She promptly gobbled down the entire sandwich & declared it fabulous.  I had my old fave, the Deli Club, on the g-f bread – outstanding. 
    I spoke w/the mgr., who had helped us w/our order.  He said the bread’s been receiving very positive reviews.  This location is one of only two Jason’s test locations for the g-f bread.  He didn’t know how long the test marketing would go on.



  1. atxglutenfree said

    I am glad you enjoyed your sandwich! I have yet to make it up there for a gluten-free sandwich, but I can’t wait to eat one! Did they mention to you how long they would be doing the GF test run? When I spoke with their management a while back, they said that location was a test store and it would be temporary; until the corporate approved the selling of GF breads. Let’s hope for the best! 🙂

    Have a good day! Jess @ ATX Gluten-Free

  2. clussman said

    Man, this is great news.

    I’m one of three gluten-intolerant people at an office of about 50 people. My son can’t have gluten either. It seems to be a bigger problem than most people realize.

    I’m definitely going to Jason’s Deli for lunch sometime this week. I hope they’re still doing the trial. (I would’ve gone today but I’ve only had one hamburger in the last four months and that craving was overwhelming, so I had to go to Terra Burger.)

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