Gluten-free in Austin, TX Blog

   There is a new blog in Austin scouting out and posting about gluten-free sources! That would be grocery, bakery, deli, restaurants, pubs, etc. I have added ATX Gluten-Free to our blog roll. Can you tell I am excited? The Austin and Central Texas area is really getting on board much like they have strongly supported the vegan needs for many years. Don and I already planned to go to Whole Foods at The Arboretum because I need more of my homeopathic allergy medication. Now there are a couple of new products to try.
   Annnd, Jason’s Deli at The Arboretum is testing customer response to gluten-free sandwiches! I don’t even remember the last time I ate a sandwich at a restaurant. Not only do they post nutrition information but they have a separate listing for common allergens including gluten. Gluten-free shopping and lunch!




  1. atxglutenfree said

    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll! I am honored 🙂 And also always glad to help! Let me know how Jason’s Deli is. I hear they are getting a lot of support from the local gluten-free community, which is great! Jess @ ATX Gluten-Free

  2. Clara Putnam (Georgetown, TX) said

    Thanks for the resource info — & love hearing that our favorite deli is entering the G-F world! We will definitely get down there soon to try out their sandwiches & support their efforts. C&J

  3. Barb said

    I have eaten at a Jason’s Deli in Richmond and had a Spinach Veggie Wrap minus the Asagio cheese. They will make it how you want it. Very good and an excellent menu.

  4. gfedge said

    Now that I have eaten there and reported on it this morning I am delightfully happy to say that it was a very happy experience. Don enjoyed his lunch there as well which means we can go back anytime we are shopping in Austin or just passing through. Jess, thank you for the information that you share. Barb and Clara, I have a current menu if you would like to see it – they have some new offerings. Of course it is available at their website as well.

  5. Ricki said

    Yay for new GF resources! (And can I just say “thanks” again for all your support??) 😀

    • gfedge said

      Ricki, you are so inspiring. This last year has seen so much improvement in my general well-being. Even the terrible allergy season we are having has not hit me nearly as hard as previous years. I am slowly but surely cutting way back on animal-based food products and that has helped nearly as much as totally eliminating gluten. 🙂 Mom

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