Poached Egg on Toast

   One of the breakfasts that Don used to cook on Sunday was poached eggs on toast. We didn’t have it often so when we did it was a real treat. In recent years I tried poached egg on rice cake, on cooked brown rice, on socca (a gluten-free pancake made from chickpea flour), on spinach, plain on a plate, and there was never a home run on the substitute for toast. There were some wraps I bake that are very close to toast in flavor and crumb but they do not soak up the egg like proper toast.
   This breakfast was one of the first things that I thought about with the sliced white bread from Faith’s Place Bakery that I was raving about earlier this week. Six remaining slices went into the freezer for future use and this morning one of them came out for the breakfast treat of long ago.

Fried Toast
   Homemade bread does not fit my toaster because it does not adapt to various slice sizes – the toaster is older than any of my children. I learned about ‘fried toast’ many years ago in Georgia at a little roadside diner. Friends and I had stopped for breakfast. As one of the ladies bit into her toast her eyes lit up and she exclaimed ‘fried toast, they made fried toast!’. This was explained as a very old Southern custom but it was not one I had heard of at that time or since. Even then it seemed exceptional.
   If you do an internet search for ‘fried toast’ you mostly get variations on recipes that call for egg and milk. Don also makes that version and we call it French toast (I don’t know why). There is an English video that explains how to make ‘fried bread’ with cooking oil which is very similar (as part of a ‘full English breakfast’). Wikipedia describes several variations of  ‘Fried bread’.
   But the Southern version of ‘fried toast’ is just buttered bread that is grilled briefly on each side in a skillet until it is as dark as you prefer. And that is how I made the toast for my poached egg. It didn’t take any longer than Don’s bread in the toaster. With the poached egg quivering on top it made quite a presentation. And don’t you know, I forgot to take a picture!



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