Mt. Olive Sugar-Free Pickles

   We always had bread & butter pickle chips in the fridge when I was growing up. On special occasions we had the tiny little sweet gherkins as part of a relish tray. The pickle used in potato salad and in tuna sandwiches was a sweet pickle relish. Even then the sweet tooth was in full force. Come to think of it, Mother was the one who bought all of the groceries so maybe that was her sweet tooth I inherited! I could never relate when my school friends had their heated discussions about the relative merits of dill versus sour pickles.

Mt. Olive Sugar-Free Pickles

Mt. Olive Sugar-Free Pickles

   When I came across this sugar-free, nearly calorie-free version of those beloved pickles I immediately became a fan. The spears are usually the only ones available and I keep a reserve jar in the pantry as well as the open jar in the fridge. If I am having a ‘sweet-tooth attack’ usually one or two of these will kill the craving . . . like dead! The juice never goes to waste – pickle juice can stand in for the vinegar in a salad dressing. And, seriously, when the pickles are all gone I drink the juice. It may sit in the fridge for a while but it never goes down the drain.

   Pickles will never replace chocolate but when you are trying sooo hard to avoid sugar you may want to have something like this handy. Given that artificial anything is not good for you I like to pretend that these are my version of a nicotine patch for sugar fiends. I wonder sometimes what other people do in similar circumstances and how they rationalize it.

   You can find the Mt. Olive website here  (maybe a little too much cute).
   And the product page here.



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