Deb El Just Whites

   ‘Mad as a wet hen’ . . . if you have ever seen the expression on a wet hen after her nest of hidden eggs has been discovered and taken away from her then you forevermore treat each and every egg with respect. My paternal grandmother raised chickens and while she took very good care of them she did not allow them to hatch baby chicks during the hot Texas summer. If a hen went missing and egg production was down the search was on. When the nest was found and the eggs confiscated the hen was soaked in a bucket of water to ‘cool her off’. A cold wet hen cannot incubate eggs. Scientists may claim that animals have no ‘facial expressions’ but any person, who has observed a cat, dog, hen, or any animal will beg to differ. That steely-eyed, obviously ticked-off hen made a lasting impression.
   If a recipe calls for only the white of an egg and I have no use for the egg yolk then I reach in the pantry for my container of Deb El Just Whites dried egg whites. These are made from the eggs that are too small to sell fresh at the grocery store. They are dried, pasteurized, and are negative for salmonella bacteria.
   One technique is to simply add the powder to the dry ingredients in the recipe and add the required amount of water in with the other liquid ingredients. My approach is to dissolve the egg white powder in the water until it has the consistency associated with fresh egg white and proceed from there. I simply prefer the results having tried both techniques.

Deb El Just Whites

Deb El Just Whites

   Deb El needs no refrigeration and stores on a pantry shelf until you need it. If you are low on fresh eggs and have no time to run to the store the prepared amount for two whites will substitute nicely for a whole egg. You can usually find Deb El on a shelf in the baking isle at your local grocery store.
   I am still enjoying the results of my recent batch of Hamburger Buns that made use of Deb El reconstituted egg whites in the amount required for the three egg whites in the recipe.



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