Red Poppy Coffee Co. – Gluten-Free in Georgetown, TX

   Usually I prefer to eat at home for many reasons mostly because it is difficult to be confidant about eating out. After years and years of chicken salad the prospect of ‘eating out’ long ago lost any charm that it might have had.
   Megan and I planned to spend Friday afternoon together and our objective was to get her started on a crochet project. We had agreed on a one-skein blanket for Rusty, the family yorkie. I picked up Megan at her dormitory and at our first stop we purchased yarn and a crochet hook. We did not want to spend our precious time driving back and forth to the house so we went to the nearby Georgetown library that has amenities such as comfy chairs, work tables in quiet nooks, and a very nice in-house coffee shop, the Red Poppy Coffee Co.
   We arrived at the library well after the lunch hour. I had tucked ‘emergency food’ in my purse, as usual, and was prepared to purchase coffee for myself plus whatever Megan wanted.
   Did that sign on the pastry display case read ‘gluten-free pizza’? I was all over that! Megan and I each ordered an individual Pesto Pita Pizza, mine to be gluten-free and hers to be regular. We found a booth and settled in with the yarn and set to work. A little later our pizzas and drinks were delivered to the table. The gluten-free pizza was square and the regular one was round and otherwise they looked exactly the same. The gluten-free crust was tender, slightly chewy, yeasty, and wonderful. The toppings were excellent quality and very tasty.
   About every two weeks I go to the library to pick up books. How did I ever miss the fact that the Red Poppy Coffee Co. was serving gluten-free?
   In my excitement over the pizza it completely escaped me that there was apple pie and a cupcake also gluten-free as Megan informed me on the way back to her dorm. And their menu advertises gluten-free bread on any sandwich! No big deal, I would have chosen the pizza regardless.
   It’s getting better out there. Micco recently recommended a recipe book entitled Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Let’s make them gluten-free as well!



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