Tasty Bite Entrees

   We are all encouraged to eat fresh and eat local but there are many of us who do not have the time to do the shopping, preparation, and cooking. We fill in the gaps with ready-to-eat and drive-through-fast-food all the while wishing we could do better. Rita and I struggle with this all of the time attempting to be gluten-free and feed ourselves and our families well. We employ various strategies and alternate between 100% homemade and furiously reading labels and trying to find the best off-the-shelf products.
   Rita and I were shopping at World Market in Round Rock over the holidays and discovered that they carried the Tasty Bite packaged heat-and-eat entrees. Many of these are naturally gluten-free as well as vegetarian, kosher, no MSG, and preservative free plus they are shelf stable and do not need refrigeration. Rita was familiar with many of these because David often takes them to work for lunch. She helped me pick out a few that she knew he had sampled.
   So far I have tried the Channa Masala and Kashmir Spinach – combinations that were previously unknown to my taste buds. And what I have been missing! Spicy does not mean scorching hot – spicy is lots of herbs and seasoning, ingredients you recognize and can pronounce and might even have in your own pantry! The package is labeled as two servings but the calorie count is so modest you would not be over-indulgent if you ate the whole packet – like I did 😉      The Channa Masala was so good that I did a web search for a recipe so that I might make my own. The only thing is that the chickpeas (garbanzos,channa) in the packet were so much larger than any that I have ever seen that I will probably just continue to keep a few of these Tasty Bite packets in the pantry. And thinking ahead, this can be a new emergency/travel food . . . .

Mom and Rita


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