Van’s All Natural Waffles

   Every now and then when trying a new gluten-free food, sometimes homemade, sometimes commercial, a taste memory comes rushing back. Do you remember toast – that elusive slightly sweet smell and the crunch with tiny, savory little crumbs brushing your tongue as you chew?
   Last year a batch of flat bread that must have been baked a little long did not want to roll. It filled the pan like a very thin pizza crust without toppings. One piece was chewy and tasty but as I was somewhat perplexed at the result the remainder was cut up and frozen. I thought about it for a while and later I put a piece in the toaster to defrost it and experienced toast for the first time in years. And that is what happened with the rest of the batch. Now, if I want my egg on toast when Don is cooking poached eggs then I make up a batch of that recipe.
   More gluten-free food is becoming locally available at the mainstream grocery stores and I was at my local HEB looking for a specific brand of bread and/or pizza crust that was supposed to be there and had been highly rated. None of that was to be found but there were several flavors of these Van’s waffles. My waffle taste memories go way back when my Dad used to make a production out of baking waffles on a Sunday morning. In the freezer there were apple and blueberry variations available but I wanted to taste the basic waffle without embellishment so I chose the Van’s All Natural Flax version.
   One of those waffles popped right out of the box and into the toaster even before the rest of the groceries were put away. That toasty aroma filled the air. The stress of shopping always makes me hungry and it took a bit of control not to burn myself trying to take a quick bite. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. So another one went into the toaster but this time I was thinking sandwich. A single paper-thin slice of ham and a small slice of cheese were wedged in between the two sides of the waffle that I had pried apart with the aid of a fork and a sharp serrated knife.

Van's All Natural Gluten Free Waffles

Van's All Natural Gluten Free Waffles

      This is what I call ‘fast food’ out here on The Gluten-Free Edge! For a quick out-the-door breakfast grab one of these waffles and a cup’a whatever starts your day the best.



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