Kitchen Sink Colander

   We had Arroz Clásico as side with dinner tonight. Heading off to do errands I decided to leave myself a ‘breadcrumb’ to remind me that I was helping with dinner tonight so I placed the container of rice on the kitchen counter. When I returned from errands we went to the fitness center. Returning home I told Don that I was going to get the rice started so it would be thoroughly cooked and tender. He mentioned that he had noticed the container that I had placed on the counter. And then he added that since we had planned and discussed Arroz Clásico he felt that the macaroni container was in error and had replaced it with the rice container. It is so reassuring that when you get flakey there is someone to cover your back!

   While I was peeling, trimming and slicing the onion with tears running down my checks and sniffling away I remembered my Dad called these ‘mean’ onions. Then my attention wandered on over to the kitchen sink colander, a Christmas stocking stuffer that is becoming another favorite kitchen gadget.

Sink Colander
Sink Colander

      Colanders in the sink used to be standard equipment before the days of garbage disposals. All the peelings, cores, and trimmings went in the colander to drain before being trashed or composted. We had a septic tank at our place the country and didn’t have a disposal. When we moved we chose not to use the one already in this house. I run the disposal to clean it out occasionally but had started using a lot of paper towels to bundle the stuff that goes in the trash. That is not really green or earth friendly, is it? I like the way this colander hooks over the center of the sink and is right under the water spigot if needed. So now we are saving on paper towels. When I get my act together there will be even less paper.
   Another thing that was really great about this product – it was part of a school fundraiser for one of the grandchildren. No high calorie, high fat candy bars or cookie dough – this is something useful and reusable.



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