Sunsweet Ones – Individually Wrapped Dried Plums

   These Sunsweet ONES are one of my ‘emergency food’ selections. Heading out the door for a round of errands I grab my bottle of water and throw a few of these in my pocket or purse. They are a sweet treat in a naturally healthy package of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and anti-oxidants. Each one is about 25 calories so you can choose to have one or a handful. They do not melt or ooze a sticky mess in the bottom of your pocket or purse. These ‘ONES’ became a favorite after several individually wrapped chocolate mints melted into the bottom of my good summer bag. ‘Emergency food’ saves time, is gluten-free, healthy, and usually more economical than grabbing something at a convenience store when you are having one-of-those-days.



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