Torani – Naturally Flavored Syrups

Rita and I were shopping at World Market in Round Rock and found the Torani flavoring syrups, regular and sugar-free options, and this is their current information on gluten.

Torani – Frequently Asked Questions

Which syrups contain Gluten?
‘Bacon, Classic Caramel, Sugar Free Classic Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow and Sugar Free French Vanilla.’
*updated January 13, 2013

They have a wide selection of flavors and World Market must sell a lot of them – they are in a large impressive display at the center of the back wall. This gives us something else for our arsenal of no-guilt treats! Use them to flavor coffee or tea and/or to mix with sparkling water to make your own refreshing soda. There are some preservatives so read the label.




  1. Kaori said

    Torani isn’t necessarily gluten free. They state ‘they are unaware’ – unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they are gluten free :(.
    Quite a few people state that they got ‘glutened’ from the Pumpkin Spice flavor.
    An email I saw from them stated that they are trying to figure out how to identify which of their products contain gluten.

    • gfedge said

      You don’t mention the source of your information. I updated the reference to the official Torani site and they have added a new flavor, bacon, to the original four that contain gluten. If you react to another flavor you may have additional senstivities yet to be identified.

      • Kaori said

        Hi GFEdge,

        My source is Torani – I emailed them and received the following:

        “Thank you for contacting Torani! Torani does not identify gluten in our products at this time. However, there are a handful of syrup flavors that we are aware about that contain gluten which are Bacon, Classic Caramel, Sugar Free Classic Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow and Sugar Free French Vanilla. We do not know at this time if the caramel color contains gluten.

        We realize gluten free products are becoming quite popular in the United States and are currently researching how to identify which flavors are gluten free. Thank you for your feedback.

        Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance.”

        To me, this indicates that they have no idea if their other syrups contain gluten. They don’t seem to want to test them….

      • gfedge said

        This is one of those things that you have to decide for yourself if you are willing to risk it. Personally, I prefer to add flavorings from the baking isle that specify gluten-free or to use pure essential oils. Other individuals choose differently.
        Gretchen @gfedge

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