Sweet Potato Multi-Purpose Puree

   Sweet potatoes again? Sooner or later sweet potato season will end and only sad, dry, twisted, uninspiring ones will remain and then I’ll leave them alone until they are in season next year.
   In the meantime, there have been two captive ‘guinea pigs’ in the guest bedroom – Rita and her husband David! One morning we had the Sweet Potato Biscuits with orange marmalade along with fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. There were about two pounds of boiled sweet potatoes in the fridge waiting further development as a pudding/dessert, no coincidence, because when I made up the sweet potato biscuit recipe there was about a half cup of puree leftover that I used to make a sample taste of this pudding/puree. And now all of the ingredients were in place for a full batch.

Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet Potato Puree
3 cups boiled, peeled, diced sweet potato (about 2 pounds)
3/4 cup coconut milk
30 drops liquid stevia or 6 packets Truvia or your favorite sweetener
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice

Place the unpeeled sweet potatoes in a pot with water to cover. Bring to a boil and turn the heat down to simmer. Cook uncovered until a knife slides into the potato without resistance. Turn off the heat and allow the sweet potatoes to cool in the cooking liquid. Drain them and refrigerate or use immediately. I usually do this step a day ahead.

Into the blender go all of the ingredients and then process them until they are silky smooth. This is simple and nutritious enough for babies, diabetics, and invalids yet substantial enough for everyone as a side dish, breakfast, snack, or dessert.

   Two small dishes were served up to Rita and David. I had already tasted the mixture and thought it quite yummy but not everyone always agrees with me. Both of them enthusiastically agreed. We discussed making it up as a frozen dessert and even put a small amount in the freezer to make a sweet potatosicle. That might eventually work out but this sample was frozen like a brick with no easy way to get it out except to microwave it which melted it back to puree.
   Rita and I went off on errands and picked up few items at Sprout’s. One of those items was Three Greek Gods Yogurt which is the dairy product that I love more than any other – replacing even my former favorite ice cream. So what did we do with it? We tasted yogurt topped with sweet potatoes! Is that not an unlikely combination? This is what we had with breakfast the next morning:

Sweet Potato-Yogurt Parfait

Sweet Potato-Yogurt Parfait

   You may have guessed by now that Rita, David, and I had such fun with food during their visit. And just before they left we watched the DVR that they gave me of Julie & Julia. When Rita is here it appears to her that I am a compulsive cook like the ones portrayed in the video – and I am not. So now that my two captive ‘guinea pigs’ Rita and David have started their long journey back to Virginia, the resident chef, Don, will rightfully regain control of the kitchen.
   Here is wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy, prosperous New Year. And as a New Year’s extra here is an image of the card that David created for Christmas 2009!

David and Rita's Christmas Card 2009

David and Rita's Christmas Card 2009

Mom (missing Rita and David)


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