My Favorite Can Opener

   For the first time ever (that I can remember) this Thanksgiving will not be held with members of my own family. I don’t feel bad about this only because I have already had two fun-filled weekends this month with my wonderful family.
   The first weekend of November featured my children and their family members that could be here. The second weekend was a gathering with my siblings and their spouses and three nieces in Norman, Oklahoma. It was everything that you can imagine from such a diverse group 🙂 .
   So the only baking this week is a fresh batch of Don’s ‘golf food’ which is definitely not on the gluten-free list. When he first started playing golf he bought crackers and snacks out of the vending machines at the pro shop. In search of better options I began playing around with recipes that he liked and eventually a favorite spice cake morphed into even spicier raisin-filled muffins. His golfing buddies profess golf-food envy but he never shares.
   So with no cooking to be done I decided to write about my love of simple kitchen tools – those go-to, every-day, run-of-the-mill implements, simple in design but yet you-get-a-little-crazy if you can’t find it when you need it. Even though I am contemplating the purchase of a very modest food processor I have a special feeling for hand tools – no electricity or batteries required. They work when all else fails.
   Perhaps this preference came about from working in the kitchen with my paternal grandmother who raised her own chickens and vegetables, canned her own produce, and baked her own bread. Or maybe it was that five-days-iced-in-without-power, trees exploding in the yard with only the telephone, fireplace, and propane-camp-stove-on-the-dining-table experience when we lived in the country.
   My favorite can opener is called a ‘lid lifter’ because the lid does not fall into your food. The cutter part is quirky only because you might be accustomed to the type that produces sharp edges. Once you get the hang of how to set the tool on the can you simply turn the handle and the lid-lifter separates the seam on the side where the lid and can come together. No sharp edges and no lid in the can! If the lid is stuck (some kind of can glue) there is a tiny grabber that will lift the lid right off!!

My Favorite Can Opener – Kuhn Rikon Slim Safety LidLifter


View of Lid Edge and LidLifter

   No more worries over washing the can tops or keeping bandages in the drawer for can opener mishaps. And still Don prefers and uses only the electric can opener – men and their power tool fetish extends even to the kitchen.  Just wait until we have a power failure!



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