Sprouts Farmers Market

   Here in Central Texas there is a new gluten-free grocery source nearby in Round Rock. Not that I have complaints about the grocery stores that are closer and that I depend on for basic supplies – they have significant healthy new offerings quite often and I am very appreciative.
   What has me excited about Sprouts is such a simple thing – prominent large-print shelf labels. You can stand at the end of an aisle and see the ‘GLUTEN FREE’ up and down the shelves. Then you can double check the ingredients for other ingredients. The great benefit is that you don’t waste time reading labels of products that are not gluten free – you can focus on exactly what you need!




  1. That’s cool! I hope they never have problems with mislabeling though.
    Oh, and about the sweet potato starch noodles…they are made with sweet potato STARCH, so don’t expect a sweet potato flavor, or even an orange tinge…they are clear! But I’m sure you’ll like it! 🙂

  2. […] it which melted it back to puree.    Rita and I went off on errands and picked up few items at Sprout’s. One of those items was Three Greek Gods Yogurt which is the dairy product that I love more than […]

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