Thai Kitchen Soups

   Cooler weather sends me looking for soothing ways to warm up quickly. Ramen noodles and other instant soups have always offered a way to quiet that little hunger pang when you don’t have time for anything else. What do you do when you go gluten-free? Much to my delight I discovered that the saifun noodles* that I always loved were made from mung bean starch and already gluten-free. And one day while I was shopping in the Asian food isle for saifun noodles another package labeled ‘gluten-free’ caught my eye. It was Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soups and all of the flavors are gluten-free!

   Warning: the oil seasoning packet includes red chili pepper. If you have an asbestos tongue then forge ahead, all others proceed with caution. Also, be sure to check the allergy information if you have soybean issues.

    Thai Kitchen Allergy Information is conveniently online so that you can make your selections before writing up your shopping list. It certainly can aggravate your shopping companion if you constantly stop to squint at the fine print on every label!

   This company also makes Thai Kitchen Heat and Serve Soups and it was the Coconut Ginger soup that caught my eye. If you are not familiar with this soup it is best you proceed with extra caution. Rich and creamy in appearance it looks delicious. This is another one of those products for people who really love the hot stuff – my eyes were watering and tongue was on fire. Hidden in that creamy broth was one of those peppers that look like the horn from a devil’s costume.

Thai Kitchen Coconut Ginger Soup!

Thai Kitchen Coconut Ginger Soup!

Even with all of the heat I could still taste a bit of sweet and the kefir lime. It was complex and intriguing, so go for it if this is your gluten-free taste runs in this direction!


*Saifun; also known as bean threads, glass noodles, mung bean noodles, cellophane noodles



  1. We Koreans also have a gluten-free noodle called japchae. It’s made with sweet potato starch! It’s clear, chewy, and very nice. 🙂

    • gfedge said

      Sweet potato noodles – seriously? The very thought sent me to the kitchen to microwave a sweet potato. My friend Ann brought me a bag of dirt covered sweet potatoes from the East Texas Sweet Potato Festival. If you really love these you know that you DO NOT wash them until you are ready to cook them – they stay fresh much longer that way and I do love them . . . .

      But back to the NOODLES – now I have to find a source. Thank goodness for web searches!

      And thank you for the information – sweet potato noodles!

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