Classico Sauces

    Classico has a line of sauces that are excellent. All of their red sauces and white sauces are gluten-free. Their website lists ingredients for each and every item in their line. If you have other allergies or sensitivities be sure to read up on your product of interest. It is easier on the eyes and saves time to read the labels online instead of standing in the isle at the grocery store!

    I like to start some of my specialty dishes with one of their sauces. My favorite has to be their basic Creamy Alfredo sauce. It does include soybean oil so will not work for those also sensitive to soybean. It is not hard to melt a stick of butter, add a cup of cream plus salt&pepper and 4-6 ounces of freshly grated Parmesan but you just have to close your eyes and not think about calories or cholesterol. You wonder how Classico Alfredo-sauce-in-a-jar can be so modest in calories and taste so much richer than it is.

    In mid-winter when cabbage is plentiful I will pour a jar of Creamy Alfredo over a head of cabbage that has been chopped, boiled, and drained. You can top it with a bit of grated Parmesan and pop it in the oven but it really doesn’t need embellishment.
    There is usually a jar of  Tomato and Basil tucked away in the cupboard waiting to go into one of my chicken, sausage, and pasta casseroles or a Crockpot of spicy meatballs.

    The Classico pesto sauces are easy and packed with flavor. A wonderful pizza variation (or for those who cannot eat tomato) the Basil Pesto sauce spread very thin over a crust before adding your toppings is very flavorful and delicious. It does contain soybean oil so, again, read the labels before making your selection.




  1. tom said

    I wish I could have them, I am allergic to garlic, it’s really not fun.

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