Cranberry Juice Drink and Oatbran Banana Muffins

    Rita recently sent me the proportions for a juice drink that she has been using on her ‘love your liver’ diet. It is simple, tart, and tangy and each ingredient is something that I already have on hand but had never used in this combination.

Cranberry Drink:
1/4 cup 100% pure cranberry juice (no sugar)
1 tablespoon lemon juice, preferably fresh
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
8 ounces of water

Rita's Cranberry Drink

Rita's Cranberry Drink

    Baking efforts over the summer left me wondering if I would ever have a successful bread or muffin incorporating bananas. I was nearly resigned to using dry banana muffins mashed up with fresh fruit for a breakfast pseudo-cereal. Then along came Sweet Freedom. These recipes are going over to the gluten-free side so easily that I have enlisted family and friends to enjoy them with me – and they don’t seem to mind!
    The Oatbran Banana Muffins with almond butter are breakfast heaven. The only adjustment that I made to Ricki’s original recipe is to replace the 1 3/4 cups of spelt flour with a like amount of flour blend that I favor in most sweet recipes.
My GF Flour Blend:
1/3 cup tapioca flour
1/3 cup brown rice flour
1/3 cup coconut flour
3/4 cup sorghum flout
1 teaspoon xanthan

Oatbran Banana Muffins

Oatbran Banana Muffins




  1. Ricki said

    Your conversion is amazing! I am going to have to go back and bake all of these goodies in GF versions. I’m so glad they’re working out for you! 🙂

    And that cranberry drink sounds just like something I’d enjoy!

    • gfedge said

      Isn’t it strange how diluted acid juices leave a sweet taste on the tongue? This is the first time I’ve tried them in combination and it still holds true.

  2. […] a few months ago. We had some of our own Lentil Patties. There were some of Ricki’s amazing Oatbran Banana Muffins from her Sweet Freedom cookbook that we warmed up for breakfast and slathered with almond butter. […]

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