Sweet Freedom and Butterscotch Blondies

    Sweet Freedom arrived in the mail while we were on holiday. While I was un-packing, doing laundry and catching-up I was reading and contemplating what-to-bake-first. Ricki re-posted her Butterscotch Blondies recipe over the weekend and, yep, the aroma of cooling blondies is filling the house right this minute.
Some of the things I love about this book:
1) The recipe size is just right and doubling is easy if you need more
2) Simple ingredients are detailed with weights and measures pre-converted
4) Ingredients are listed in mixing order with very clear instructions
3) Layered flavors and textures tease the taste buds so that a smaller serving satisfies – yea!
5) Useful hints and warnings are included along the way
6) Every single recipe could find a place in my life
    My gluten-free conversions are not always a sure thing but these blondies came off without a hitch in spite of substitutions on top of flour conversion. I tried to use amaranth because it has so much to offer but its earthy background note just doesn’t work with sweets. Next time around sorghum will fill that spot and I’ll post the gluten free recipe.
    These Butterscotch Blondies will be the perfect introduction to Sweet Freedom for the local library staff. Sweet Freedom deserves to be on the library shelf as an inspiration for folks really working on their health – and for those who want to hold on to the good health they already enjoy!

Butterscotch Blondies Cooling on the Counter

Butterscotch Blondies Cooling on the Counter



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  1. Ricki said

    I’m so glad they worked as gluten-free! And in the photo, they look just like the ones I make, too. Thanks so much for this wonderful review! 🙂

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