Sweet Potatoes – Breakfast, Snack, and/or Dessert

     My younger daughter, Teresa, once commented that I had a sweet potato addiction. She may not have been wrong. Over the years I have definitely consumed my fair share and possibly more. But would you rather be enamored of donuts or a little treasure with a nutrient profile like this?
Vitamin A=430%
Vitamin C=37%
Fiber=4 grams
Glycemic Index=10

    Sweet potato shopping can be disconcerting because there is seldom any consistency in size. In addition, depending on the growing season, there are considerable variances in moisture content. All of which make it difficult to calculate cooking times if you are baking, boiling or microwaving them whole and unpeeled which conserves more of their natural goodness.
    Do not allow yourself to become lulled into complacency by a series of relatively consistent sweet potatoes as I once was. One day the timer on the microwave went off and I opened the door to a mushroom cloud of black smoke. Anxiously peering through the gloom the sweet potato seemed to be OK – until it was discovered to be a featherweight, empty shell. Now that is scary food . . . . .
    One of my favorite, and of course, simplest ways to grab a sweet potato fix is to microwave one that has been thoroughly scrubbed and punctured about 6-8 times with a knife (let’s not even re-visit the exploding sweet potato dilemma). Place the sweet potato on a saucer or paper towels to catch the syrup that bubbles out while it is roasting. Begin to check status after 3-4 minutes depending on the size. When it is fully cooked it will be soft enough that it gives like a ripe avocado. It can take up to 6-8 minutes for one that is three inches wide – or more, depending on the heat generated by the particular microwave. Run the knife into it to double check. Remove it from the microwave once it is tender and allow it to steam for about five minutes while you round up your seasoning.

For those of us with the terrible-sweet-tooth syndrome these are my most favorite fixings:

Breakfast, Snack and-or Dessert

Breakfast, Snack and-or Dessert

    Mash the sweet potato in its skin. Season with a few drops of vanilla (it makes it taste like you added marshmallows), a sprinkle of cinnamon, and your choice of sweetener. Add a cup of hot tea and slowly savor your healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert.
    I re-purpose small dropper bottles and fill them with various flavorings – it saves time and oops! And I keep cinnamon and allspice in old salt shakers for the same reason. They come in handy for jazzing up  small servings of tea or whatever.



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  1. Ricki said

    I used to eat baked sweet potatoes with natural almond butter for breakfast all the time when on the anti-candida diet. . . must make some soon! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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