Really Dry Banana Muffins

    Some failures are to be expected when experimenting ‘on the edge’. A very few (thankfully) go right in the trash bin after one or two bites. But what can you do with those in which you have more than a modest monetary investment not to mention your time? Every curmudgeon nerve in my body screams ‘think of something – salvage it’.
    Years ago I developed a banana bread/muffin recipe for my three young children that I am still requested to bake. After many experiments I thought I finally had perfected the gluten-free version of that recipe. It was close. But not close enough. Maybe I over baked them, maybe the batter needed just a bit more moisture, but here I was again with a batch of really dry banana muffins that no amount of hot tea could adequately remedy. So I froze the remainder of the batch and waited for that eureka moment.
    It didn’t happen in a flash but over several days of foraging the cupboards for breakfast with those muffins still weighing on my mind and thinking ‘with almond butter? – too heavy; maple syrup? – too sweet; blackberry jam? – still too sweet’; the strawberries in the fridge somehow said ‘try us’.
    I mashed the strawberries together with a bit of sweetener and briefly zapped them in the microwave to release the juices then quickly defrosted one of those muffins and crumbled it into the berries. The next day the same scenario was repeated with blueberries. And yet again with some leftover canned pineapple tidbits in their juice – topped off with the last ounce of leftover coconut milk.
    This is such a satisfying replacement for dry cereal that I can’t believe that I am actually contemplating keeping that ‘really dry banana muffin’ recipe!

Really Dry Banana Muffin with Strawberries

Really Dry Banana Muffin with Strawberries


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