Love your Liver, Part I

My weight loss journey has had its ups and downs, literally on the scale, as well as, the feelings of defeat and triumph. Today, I feel great. But it goes much deeper than a number on a scale. I am learning how important it is to have a good nutritional foundation for health. Some of the benefits of that are a lower weight, more energy and a clear mind.

I started a liver enhancement (or cleanse) program 14 days ago from the book, “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning” by Dr. Eric Berg. The goal is to target the liver with specific means to assist it to be healthier and a by-product of that is better fat burning. My results are that I have lost 10.5 pounds and have such a sense of satisfaction in my efforts. I know how I made that happen…and I did it in a way much different than I ever had before.

I was feeling a bit out of control, emotionally, physically and mentally, in the sense that I was overwhelmed with the issues of my health. I was struggling to keep it together and had no idea each day how much energy I would have to use to push myself to find answers. Some days I just sat on the couch and watched favorite TV shows…and could do no more than that. I was depressed, rebelling and in denial about the next step of my journey. I had to mourn the loss of my health, despite efforts over the years to address symptoms, and work through the anger and other grieving steps to come out on the other side. I had to embrace that I had more to go…even after identifying the Candida and gluten obstacles. I was very proud of that and my ability to get around them…and incorporate the lifestyle changes. However, I had to let go of the victory, face forward and continue on.

I also asked for help to the right kind of healthcare professional, a local chiropractor. I not only trust her, but I trust the tools she is using to assess and improve my health. I needed a coach where I could connect with good rapport and she is being that for me. Out of all the doctors I have gone to over the last 25 years…this feels like a team effort. I educated myself enough now…and gathered resources in place.  I have someone who has supported others this way…and has experience with encouraging compliance in their clients. I am in a position to leverage much and be successful…I just have to do the work.

Creating environments and relationships that support you are not only essential for health, but essential for life. Creating a lifestyle that includes consistency in self-care, nutrition, stress reduction, renewal, positive attitude, resilency and social connections, for my part, is essential in your personal life. Others can be included for work. I actually tended to focus on work, education and career as that was where most of the positive input and success I experienced was derived. Now I am hard at work on the personal side to create balance. It has its own challenges, but without a doubt, my decline of health was the trigger.

I feel I have earned the right to a soapbox…and shout the perils of a life lived foolishly. But to those who are weighed down with their own concerns, it would only be more of the same. I want to be part of the solution, not the problem. And learning to love my liver…plus every other organ and the inner workings of my body helps me be curious and determined to stay the course towards optimal health.

I will detail my experience of the liver enhancement program in my next post.



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