A Short History of Medicine

In searching for nutrition education, certification and credentialing options, I found this. It is so true how we have come full circle…as I study more about eating a whole foods diet and using whole food/herbal supplements. Of course, it left out bloodletting and other grisly practices! The only caveat is that we need to ensure that we are getting essential nutrients from “the root” since our American soil is depleted and food plants grown in the ground aren’t what they used to be even 100 years ago. Enjoy the humor…Rita

Short History of Medicine



2000 B.C.

Eat this root

1000 B.C.

Roots are heathen. Say A Prayer.

1850 A.D.

Prayer is superstition. Take this potion.

1900 A.D.

That potion is snake oil. Take this pill.

1940 A.D.

That pill is useless. Take this antibiotic.

2000 A.D.

That antibiotic is no longer effective. Eat this root.






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