Mayonnaise Experiments

    Learning to live gluten free is a journey that has yet to be mastered. At first I felt deprived (and maybe a bit whiny). Then you begin the process of ‘self care’ and learn about all of the good food that is available and the positive effect it can have on your health. You even begin to choose wisely and eat better than you ever did before.
    Baked goods and pasta are the initial food items that are replaced. There are gluten free baked goods and pasta showing up daily in unexpected places and for that I am so grateful.
    It turns out that gluten is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are individuals and entire families coping with multiple food allergies and sensitivities in addition to the gluten. And that is the reason for our experiments eliminating other specific ingredients. Rita and I are working on a ‘wish list’ for others whose food choices are much more constrained than our own.
    These past few weeks have seen multiple experiments in egg free, soy free mayonnaise and several jars of them reside in my fridge. They do not taste bad but they are definitely NOT mayonnaise or even mayonnaise-like. As much as I like tahini it does not belong in mayonnaise. The avocado experiment was OK but you would never use it in your tuna salad – that quintessential summertime favorite. Tofu is not to be considered even though it sounds interesting.
    Rita and I both have good recipes for potato salad and macaroni salad (we’re talking picnic food here) that do not use mayonnaise for a dressing. I make a yummy tuna, green bean, and black olive salad with vinaigrette dressing.
But we still are looking for the mayonnaise.


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