Apples and Apple Pie

    Who knew that apples, really good apples, would grow in central Texas? People with knowledge and determination can make that happen. The two trees are Ein Shemer and Golden Dorsett varieties and this year have produced a true abundance of fruit. Friends and neighbors have been sharing in the harvest and over 200 pounds of these apples have been delivered to the local food pantry for distribution. The apple cobbler that I made on June 14th came from these trees.
    In picking apples there are a few things helpful to know beforehand. One thing is that when picking apples over your head you will get bonked in the head occasionally. Also, no matter how carefully you maneuver the apple picker another apple or two are likely to hit the ground while you are wrestling with the one. These broken and bruised ones are to be rescued ASAP by washing, trimming, peeling, dicing, and turning into pie. Apples are not allowed to be wasted!
    My pie crust did not turn out as well as I hoped. That was my fault for not following the carefully written instructions to the letter. The ingredients were all there but the step where you put it all together and then the dough chills in the refrigerator for several hours or even better, overnight – that part didn’t happen. It was still tasty but the texture was not quite there. I chose this recipe because of the cinnamon in the crust. The apples are so good that I wanted as few additions to the fruit as possible.

Apple Pie - Oven Ready

Apple Pie - Oven Ready

The Crust
I started with Shauna’s Favorite Pie Crust from her post in November 2006.
I’m going to do this again and get it right but it still made lovely pie.

The Filling
Apples, 4 or 5 cups of prepared apples
1/4 cup sugar, unrefined or otherwise, calorie-free or otherwise
    (This is just enough sugar to help pull out the juice; not a really sweet filling)
    (If you must have a really sweet filling, then double the dose)
1/4 cup raisins, cranberries, dates, maybe even figs
    (This ups the sweetness in a healthy way and appeases those who must have raisins)
1/4 cup gluten free starchy flour, corn starch, tapioca, or sweet rice

    Toss all the filling ingredients together in a bowl until the apples are evenly coated and then pour the apples into the crust. If you don’t have time to properly make the crust then just pour the apple mixture into a buttered baking pan. A nice baked apple casserole may not be pie but it is not bad either.

Apple Pie - Healthy Goodness

Apple Pie - Healthy Goodness

Confession: it has been so long since I ate a slice of pie including crust, that I had a big slice for mid-morning break. Then I had veggies for lunch, followed by TWO slices of pie for dinner – that is all, not dessert first, only dessert. Sometimes you can’t help yourself.


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