Starbucks – A Gluten Free Cupcake

    Yes, these Starbucks Valencia Orange Cakes are Gluten Free. And someone put some serious nutritional consideration into them. Whole eggs, orange pulp, almonds, sugar, orange peel, baking powder, and orange oil are the ingredients with not a grain in sight. And they are wrapped in cellophane and sealed so that when you eat your cupcake you know that it was not cross-contaminated by all of the other baked goods in the display case.
    Valencia Orange Cakes are not low carbohydrate or low sugar but do offer 4 grams of fiber and 16 grams of fat to help steady your appetite PLUS 30% of your minimum daily recommended vitamin C for a moderate 290 calories. These are a healthier option even if you are not dealing with gluten issues.
    These little cakes do not compare taste wise to the usual sugary, fatty, gluten loaded options. If you are health conscious you know that there will be tradeoffs and you will make a choice for true nourishment over not-so-healthy treats. I am grateful that now I can go into Starbucks and enjoy a snack with my coffee without having to surreptitiously pull ‘emergency food’ out of my purse.


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