Chex – Now Gluten Free

    Yes, they are Gluten Free. However, you might as well take a vitamin pill and be done with it. These highly-touted ‘gluten free’ wonders are still mostly starch and/or sugar except for the added vitamins. People, especially children or diabetics or anyone else for that matter, need to eat real food. Get off the carbo-train. These so-called cereals are comparable to an IV dose of sugar.

    Like many other gluten-impaired folk I was excited about the prospect of something new, easy and nutritious to tuck away in purse or briefcase for ‘emergency food’ in the way that I used to carry those mini shredded wheat biscuits. For now, as I sit here enduring a sugar buzz and burping vitamin taste, I will be staying with the baggies of dried fruit and nuts or the good old standby Larabar.

Sorry, I just had to say what I really was thinking.

    The good news here is that ‘gluten free’ is coming into the mainstream and manufacturers are trying to meet the need. More and more options are becoming available for those who do not have a health food store, large or small, nearby.

    Some of the everyday chain stores now have a ‘gluten free’ section and/or have educated staff that will gladly help you search out the things that you need. You can now find labels that specify ‘gluten free’ on items that never ever contained gluten. It took me a while to realize that this can be very helpful as newly diagnosed individuals begin to navigate their way into a new lifestyle.

    All around me family, friends, and acquaintances are exchanging home grown produce and discussing delicious ways to prepare these items. Someday when ‘Fast Food Nation’ is a dim memory all of us will honor ourselves by choosing foods that we know are going to nourish us. I hope we can look forward to ‘Fast Healthy Food Nation’ in the near future that encompasses all dietary choices and constraints.


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