Café Latte, Chai Latte, Latte Latte

   The high heat index has already topped 105*F and summer has just started. Staying hydrated is essential for avoiding heat exhaustion which has always been a problem for me. Some people get thirsty when they need to replenish the liquids in their system but I always seem to bypass that step.
   When we were growing up all we ever drank was ice water. We had a two gallon jug with a push spout and my mother kept it filled with water and ice. We all drank from the tin cup and we waited until whoever had it was finished and then refilled it from the jug. We took that jug and tin cup with us when we traveled.
   Now I have to try to remember to drink fluids on a regular basis. In the winter usually one 20-once refillable bottle of water is enough in addition to an occasional cup of tea or coffee. In this Texas summer weather you need a lot more than that especially if you like to work outside in the yard.
   So this is what I have come up with to minimize calories and sugar and maximize caffeine and flavor. If you cannot handle the caffeine then substitute your favorite decaf versions. I do this once in the morning and once in the afternoon with juice and water between. A few drops of vanilla jazzes up so many things, like fruit, juices, cereal, and/or hot coffee – that I keep an old recycled squeeze dropper bottle filled with vanilla extract to save trying to drip some out of the original bottle every time. This is about 40 – 50 calories; whatever is in the milk. Of course you can go all out and use real cream (oh yummy) but I can’t handle the calories.

Iced Cafe Latte

Iced Cafe Latte

6 ounces strong hot coffee or flavored tea, instant or brewed
1 cup ice chunks (they don’t seem to come in cubes anymore)
6 ounces unsweetened milk (dairy, almond, soy, etc.)
2 packets of stevia sweetener blend
A few drops of vanilla extract – gluten free
A few drops of almond extract or a shake of cinnamon – gluten free

1. Brew your beverage or boil water if you are preparing instant. Make it extra strong. Pour it into a tall (at least 20 ounce) glass. The glass should be about one-third full.
2. Add the sweetener and vanilla. If it is tea add a sprinkle of cinnamon or allspice. If it is coffee add a few drops of almond extract. Dissolve completely.
3. Add ice until the glass is about two-thirds full.
4. Add milk to fill the glass. Stir until the ice is mostly melted and then sip and enjoy. It is amazing what a pick-me-up you get simply by rehydrating when your body needs it.


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  1. […] Sprout’s brand of liquid stevia over the holidays. So far I really like it as a sweetener in my lattes,  both café latte and chai latte. The recent recipe for Banana Coconut Muffins has been well […]

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