Your Inner Lab Rat

    If you don’t recognize your inner-lab-rat and take responsibility for it then by default you are leaving it to the captains industry. Some of them are benevolent, some are avaricious, and some are blasé but most of them just want your money. Focus groups provide information about target population groups that is then used to design campaigns that trigger our inner-lab-rat to respond. Industry bombards us with slick advertising, selective information out of context, and outright deception by magazine, email, voice mail, snail mail, you tube, television, and radio.
    The internet has given those of us who pretty much mind our own households and families the ability to sift and sort through whole libraries of information and we have come to some alarming conclusions. There is something wrong with our food supply, some of us are having major self esteem issues, our whole nation is getting fat, and our green planet is rapidly dying on us.
    Where to start; with the one unit that we have some control over, ourselves, our own inner-lab-rat. It comes as a surprise to most of us that there is not a one-size-fits-all health plan out there waiting to be discovered. We read and we try out different plans, medications, workouts, dietary choices and we become our own lab rat by discovering what works and what doesn’t. If you try something and you feel better then you keep going. If you try it and it doesn’t help then you move on. It does get discouraging at times. The good part is that we are using what we are learn to build communities of caring responsible individuals to plot our own way back to where we thought we were before we realized what was happening.
    When Rita was stricken with Candida she thrashed her way through literally hundreds of options before she found what she was wanting – which was a treatment plan that did not take a couple of years. Along the way she determined to leave behind a stressful career in technology and focus on caring for people who have problems similar to hers. And that is why she is taking classes and working towards a degree in nutritional counseling.
    While learning along with Rita the realization hit me that I too had suffered from a lifetime of gluten intolerance beginning at age seven with iron deficiency anemia, an achy gut, severe thyroid deficiency and that my beautiful daughter had inherited all of it from me. I had learned hit-or-miss over the years to take care of my inner-lab-rat by experiment but having some solid information has brought me light years into the present.
    Rita and I confer often even though she lives in Virginia and I live in Texas. The internet has given us that ability. You may have noticed that some things that work for me do not work for Rita and the reverse is also true. We are re-thinking, re-balancing, selecting different options and sharing with others the tidbits of information and the foods that we have chosen that work for each of us. And some of the recipes that I publish are designed to share with others who have more or different issues than our own. We had a comment recently that our blog appeared to be anti-dairy. Believe me, that is not the case. I may be lactose-intolerant but cheese of all varieties and yogurt are very much enjoyed.
    Rita and I appreciate others that help us along the way, be it those who are practitioners, those who test-taste and critique our recipes, and especially to those who put so much time and thoughtful information into their own blogs.


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