Take a walk on the “live” side!

I am talking about eating nutrient-dense whole foods. These foods provide the essential nutrients that your body needs to conduct the business of life at the cellular level.

First, let me introduce you to a great nutrition site: The World’s Healthiest Foods, maintained by the George Mateljan Foundation as a not-for-profit resource for information on food and promotion of health.

George Mateljan is the man behind Health Valley Foods where he helped the once-fledgling organic produce industry by buying and incorporating organic foods into his products. Now that he has sold this company, he is dedicating his passion for food, nutrition and health into this new effort.

According to the WHF site, nutrient dense foods give you the most nutrients for the fewest amount of calories. Find out more here.

The World’s Healthiest Foods list contains foods that are nutrient-dense, whole (not processed), familiar, readily available, affordable and taste good. Review the list here.

Second, let me give you a few suggestions in where to stock up to enjoy whole foods on a regular basis.
1) Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season.
2) Buy from locally grown sources, like found in a farmer’s market or through a coop agreement with a farm.
3) When cannot buy local or in season, use the retail health food stores and buy only organic.

Third, if it scares you to hold a raw vegetable in your hand, take my advice and just learn how to prepare it. I am!
1) Take cooking classes, preferably with a whole foods chef. Here’s my plug for Monica Corrado, located in DC area (she’s great!).
2) Read a whole foods cookbook and experiment in your own kitchen. Here’s one that is a textbook in my Holistic Nutrition program and the one Monica uses: Nourshing Traditions by Sally Fallon
3) Get your mother to create a recipe and then follow it! Gee, I am SO smart…:)

Last, start where you are and just ADD whole foods to your current food choices. Then, you might want to begin substituting whole foods for processed foods, especially the refined sugar ones. Eventually, you might want to be eating whole foods most of the time, whatever is comfortable and convenient. That’s the route I am taking…

Remember they say, you are what you eat…so eat nutrient-dense whole foods…and enjoy the “live” ride!


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