Cinnamon Toasties

    There have been several articles on the internet about Erin McKenna’s bakery, Babycakes, NYC. While it is fairly easy to eat healthy, gluten free meals the Holy Grail of the gluten free community seems to be permissible, edible baked goods, especially dessert. Having read rave reviews about this bakery’s offerings I did a little research – OK, a lot.
    First, it is in New York City which is considerably out of driving distance even for Texans. You can order baked goods online, here and there is a cookbook coming out. Before committing to anything I wanted a taste! The second good thing was a web search turned up a couple of recipes and I decided to try the one for Cinnamon Toasties found on Martha Stewart’s website, here. The third good thing; how often is it that everything required for a new recipe is already in your pantry?
    So off to the kitchen, mix it up, and pop it in the oven. The whole house smelled wonderfully of cinnamon. It rose to the top of the pan, the timer went off, and per recipe instructions it sat on a rack to cool – and sank in the middle. Did I miss an ingredient? Back to Martha’s to revisit the recipe – oh look, there is a video too so I can see exactly what I did wrong (better late than never). By this time impatience had taken over and I was nibbling on an end slice – it was so good! As the video demonstration came to an end the sunken cinnamon ribbon was revealed as a feature. So this sunken loaf on the kitchen island is really a success!

Cinnamon Toasties Loaf

Cinnamon Toasties Loaf

    Try the recipe – buy the cookbook! I did and I will. Your entire posse/family/friends will love the results and you and/or your allergic one(s) will thank you many times over.
    WARNING: You do need to be aware that most of the recipes call for a flour blend that includes fava bean flour. That is a concern for a small segment of the population who can have a serious anemia reaction known as favism. Read about it here. A friend had that reaction and needed a transfusion to save his life. The source of the fava bean ingestion was never discovered. As a result there will never be any fava bean products in my kitchen.
    I used plain garbanzo flour for my experiment rather than the garbanzo/fava blend and the results could not have been better.



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  1. […] using it with recipes from Erin McKenna’s recipe book, BabyCakes , most especially my version of Cinnamon Toasties.  Erin demonstrated this recipe on Oprah which is where I discovered it. WARNING: You do need to […]

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