Bread and Broth

   Rita has been visiting and it was a toss-up as to whether we cooked more or talked more. Once again we made pizza using Pizza Crust I and it was excellent. We baked bread using a recipe that was picked up on the web a couple of years ago and modified over time and I will continue to experiment; not because we don’t like it but because we want to make it simpler. Speaking of great bread inspiration, Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl has fabulous detailed instructions for making great yeast bread on her blog. Her pictures make it look so easy and yummy that you want to bake (and eat) them all – such a temptation! I tried to leave her a comment but something technical got hung up and it never seemed to resolve.
   One of the requirements for Rita’s Hawthorne University nutrition class was the preparation of a vegetable broth. We shopped for the ingredients having to substitute for a couple of unfamiliar items. For example we couldn’t find kombu but used nori instead as both are highly nutritious types of sea vegetables. The recipe quantities far exceeded the capacity of my kitchen utensils and even half the recipe was barely manageable. It produced 4 ½ jars of broth plus some was frozen in a recycled one pound margarine tub – close to six quarts. We were very curious as to just what we had created so for breakfast we each had a bowl of leftover brown rice re-heated in a generous quantity of broth. We were happily surprised at the depth of flavor and how very good it was given the hodge-podge of ingredients that were washed but not peeled, thrown in and generally looking very brackish before all of the straining.
   Rita has promised to post her homework write-up once it is completed.



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