Smoked Turkey Soup

    Turkeys are part of the Central Texas landscape whether it involves hunting wild turkeys, raising domestic turkeys or watching wild turkeys fluffing their feathers across the fairway at the local golf course or perhaps in your front yard. Turkey meat is as versatile as any other and very popular with the folks who are watching their calorie and cholesterol intake. We always have ground turkey in the freezer ready to make meat loaf or pasta sauce. One of our favorite joint efforts between our gluten-free and not gluten-free lifestyles is smoked turkey soup.
    Soup can begin with the remains of a Thanksgiving or Christmas bird or with the packaged drumsticks purchased specifically for soup when an extended cold front rolls in. (Yes, there are parts of our great country that would consider our weather to be a heat wave but locally it is soup time.)
    The head cook (devotee of all things pasta) is in charge of the BIG soup pot, simmering the stock, picking the bones and returning all of the goodness to the original pot. This is where we part ways. The stock and meat are divided and I go on my gluten-free way.
    Many times I just add a package of frozen mixed vegetables from the freezer. Today there were those inevitable odds and ends of veggies and a new jar of red curry powder on the spice rack. It came together rather well. The combination of the squash and the red pepper and chili in the curry powder gives the soup plenty of color and flavor.

Smoked Turkey Soup

Smoked Turkey Soup

1 quart turkey broth and meat
¼ head of cabbage coarsely chopped
½ butternut squash
Salt and garlic powder to taste
Red curry powder – go easy until you know how much you like



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