GF off the shelf

While Mom is off exploring in the kitchen, I am investigating area stores, reading labels and bringing home products I can eat. But do they pass the taste test? I have already mentioned the level of cooking skill I have, so yes, I am more dependent on health-conscious food manufacturers. I recently tried three products: Amy’s Black Bean & Vegetable Enchiladas, Imagine Organic Free Range Chicken Broth – Low Sodium and Redwood Hill Farm Strawberry Goat Milk Yogurt.

I found the enchiladas to be very flavorful and spicy, somewhere in the medium range. Along with being gluten-free, these tasty and satisfying enchiladas are also non-dairy. I also purchased the low sodium version (which is currently in the freezer) and hope that there is no loss in flavor. I do like to watch the sodium in processed foods…if you read labels like I do…it is amazing to find high amounts of sodium in even healthier choices. Find all of Amy’s Kitchen products here: The website has a great product search tool…it was very gratifying to see they had so many gluten free products. Talk about appreciating abundance!

I just love the chicken broth and for me, instead of just eating whatever else came in the can, I get to pick what goes in and in what amounts into my chicken broth “soup” concoctions. It is wonderful plain or with your favorite additions, such as brown rice, cooked vegetables, chucks of chicken, etc. Find all of Imagine’s products here: You will find this specific product under the “Garden Natural Broths”. I chose the low sodium version, again it matters to me for taste and water retention.

I am sensitive to cow dairy but not goat, so I try goat milk products from time to time. I pretty much stopped all dairy products…but get a hankering for something milk-based…plus a natural source of calcium. I love cheese so had tried several types of goat cheese and it was too much like eating the “hair of the goat”…very strong animal taste…so that has kept me from going wild with the goat alternative. This yogurt was definitely made from goat’s milk but once that settled on my taste buds…the creaminess and delicate strawberry flavoring definitely made me enjoy all 6 ounces. I like the added benefit of live cultures for natural probiotic health. Find Redwood Hill Farm here: Now I can say: Get your daily Goat!

Rita 🙂


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