Reasons for Recipes

Mom wanted me to write about the specifics of my food sensitivities and candida to put her recipes into some context. She is the ultimate scientist in the kitchen and first, me not having inherited that particular gene, and second, then asking for her to put said talent to work on my behalf, is where the gluten-free and other-free strategies come into consideration.

My food sensitivities include wheat, oats, cow dairy, cheese, brewer’s yeast, baker’s yeast, kidney beans and pinto beans. I will test again to see if they still hold in a few months, as it is prudent to re-test every two years. Sensitivities develop over time for certain reasons: eating the same foods for years (no variety/poor nutritional value), poor small intestine health (overgrowth of bad bacteria/leaky gut), poor digestive health (low or no enzymes) and others. Because of the candida, I limit my sugar intake post-treatment wherever I can. I used to have constant cravings for sugar (bags and bags of marshmallows!) and it just feels good to crave and eat more fresh foods than in the past. 

So, I have a “chicken-or-the-egg” situation…did I develop sensitivities from having candida or did I develop candida due to the impact of gluten on my intestinal tract and then develop the other sensitivities over time? I cannot answer that for myself now…only deal with the impact on my health…and discovery of these culprits. At some point, I do want to understand…that’s the reason for my continued education in nutrition and desire to learn nutrition-based functional medicine tools. I want to help myself, as well as, others gain optimal health.

By the way, here is a plug for functional medicine (FM). Through the testing my FM doctors have me do, comes the data for a health plan of action. If you are looking for answers to health problems that are eluding your regular medical doctor or other medical specialists, try this kind of healthcare professional. Functional medicine looks for the cause, not just addressing symptoms. To locate one in your area, search the FM database here:

NOTE: Most FM practitioners do not accept insurance…but provide receipts with treatment codes for you to turn in to yours for evaluation and possible reimbursement. I have not ever received any. However, it is worth the money you spend to gain back your health. I have spent more time and money on trying to find answers that did not solve my plaguing health problems over the last 25 years so this is not an issue for me. I gladly pay for these services and directly reap benefits.

Recipes in our blog will always be gluten-free, but could also include sugar-free, yeast-free and dairy-free ingredients depending for whom the recipe was developed. In other words, the gluten-free mac-n-cheese was NOT for me! 🙂



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