Mom loves to write a good story…and it was funny to read her synopsis of that relatively short email exchange. I have been wanting to start a blog but could never find a topic that inspired me. Having been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity (and candida) a couple years ago…and challenged with making nutrition and lifestyle changes since then…I have been self-absorbed and really in the middle of strong emotional battles within myself. However, finally I dug down deep and followed a strict treatment plan. Mom was there to supply encouragement and later, gluten-free food/goodies and recipes so that I could make them at home.

I am now enrolled at Hawthorn University in the Masters in Holistic Nutrition (MSHN) program. Mom has a list of my textbooks and we were all set to share comments on the information with each other as I go through my studies. I was inspired by a fellow student to start a blog about gluten-free living and naturally asked Mom to join with me…so all of you now will be a part of our collaboration. I hope you find this effort and exchange worthwhile!

Rita 🙂


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