The email conversation was going something like this . . . .
‘If we had a blog what would we call it?’
‘We could call it L, M, N, X, or Y, or maybe Z?’
‘Husband likes R but I like M’
‘N kind of says what we’re about right now don’t you think?’
‘Morning, Mom, here’s the link and password to our blog – you can get started, I’m kind-of-busy this week’
Egad! How does this work??
Before I figure out any more of this I have to pay respects to Shauna at Gluten-Free Girl.  Shauna showed up on my internet searches sometime about August 2005 and I have been reading her ever since – bought her book, and then another to share with friends having the same challenges. Since then there are other bloggers found and they will be mentioned in time but Shauna was the trail blazer in my gluten-free journey. Thank you Shauna for the inspiration to take a deep breath, explore and experiment with an ever increasing array of food and techniques.


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